Wednesday, 3 October 2012

One week to go!

So this time next week I shall be in Paris. I will have packed my bags, gotten on the Eurostar and pulled into Gare du Nord. I don't start work until the Sunday but my parents are taking me out a few days early, I think they just want a bit of a holiday to be honest. This is so so scary. Thinking about it today made me want to be sick or burst out into tears. Saying goodbye to the dog is going to be the worst. I keep thinking it's not going to happen. Tomorrow, I'll wake up and it'll be the beginning of training again and I won't have wasted my summer working. There's still so much I have to do!
The thing I most worried about in all honesty is having to speak to people in French in a business environment. Although, by the sounds of it this place is super super lax so I don't think it will be that bad. Big shout out to Poppy though who's been telling me everything and reassuring me. It's nice to know someone's out there. Seeing Mikey go all the way out to San Diego and all my 4th year housemates livin la vida loca in Italia really makes me want to be there now though. Even if I hate it I think I'll just man up and do it (easier said than done). I've braved worse situations in Hull. Cleaning Fitzroy Street in 1st year has got to be the most gross thing I've done. No place could ever be as bad as that was (sorry boys but the mice were grim). I think I would just regret giving up the opportunity to live in Paris much more than the regret of living there if I hated it, and I think Ellen would punch me in the face if I gave up.
I'm viewing the next year as a series of time markers if I do hate it, to make it seem like it's going fast. In reality, the year will go by pretty damn quick. So here they are:

Nov 2012: The one month mark will have pasted/Eve's birthday
Dec 2012: Poppy leaves (I think)/BPSO bants/Christmas/Auntie Pauline visits
Jan 2013: New Years
Feb 2013: My 21st!!!
March 2013: The arrival of the Wigga's, Norie and Gemma
April 2013: Leave Paris/San Diego (if I have dolla)
May 2013: Start work in Biarritz
June 2013: Dad and Auntie Pauline's 110th birthday
July 2013: Sam's wedding
August 2013: Finish work in Biarritz
September 2013: Bestival (?)/LAST FRESHERS!

So the next year is going to be very busy. I'm also hoping to fit in a visit to Rome to see Abbie and Gemma (if they'll have me),  a trip back t'ull to visit everyone, maybe a trip to Berlin to visit Eve and Ellen and now, potentially, visits to Canada. Busy busy busy!

You stay classy Blogger.

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