Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Goodbye Cruel World!

Tonight is my last night in the UK. This whole week has been a funny one mostly filled with goodbyes and food poisoning.
We went out to say goodbye to Vee as he is also leaving the country. After wine and more wine and Martini that Katy and I had found at the station I spent Friday night being violently sick. This then resulted in me spending my Saturday being violently sick on the station platform then being more sick whilst sitting on the toilet. OH HELLO FOOD POISONING! Which swiftly moved me around to Sunday. What to say about Sunday.

It was the last day of work. The last day of BP. After 2 long summers working there it was finally time to come to an end. 2 long summers filled with sweat, tears, blood, vomit, piss, shit, laughs, smiles and slut drops. It's taken up so much of my life and I've made some of the best friends ever there (cheesy, I know). Most importantly, I don't think I'll ever have an other manager like Beatriz. Her life lessons and odd stories will haunt me forever. Especially the memory of her picking a splinter out of my finger by poking her name badge at my finger for 20mins.
Retail decided to go to Weatherspoons (as we mostly hate the other wardens) for goodbye drinks. They now do hummus at spoons but it has far too much carrot in it. So Mr Weatherspoon, if you're reading this take the carrot out of the hummus, it's shit compared to the Slug's hummus. As drinks and dinner finished, goodbye's began. Saying goodbye to Katy and Grace was hard, considering Grace was on a mission to make me cry. It all kind of sunk in then that I would be leaving. That work was finally over and everyone was going back to reality. It still doesn't seem real.
A few of us then went on to an other place to see the other wardens which is always awkward as we know none of them and always sit in a corner alone. Kate and I managed to make some fun out of it though by staring at the weird Scottish canteen guy for a while and planning their love life together. As the drinks finished it was time for an other emotional round of goodbyes as Kate and I departed to get on the tube. Once at Kings Cross this left me with an other big goodbye. Kate. BUT as she reminded me, we will all be seeing each other soon in December (hopefully) so it shan't be too long until I see all their pretty faces again.

So that was my goodbye to London, and today I had my goodbye to Gravesend. My bags are pack and the tickets are booked. The last goodbye will be Monty, easily the hardest of all.
Goodnight London, and goodnight bloggers.

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